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Boarding platforms come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be a simple 2’ x 2’ steps that allows you to cross that gap between your boat and the dock. Or they can be 4’ wide by 22 feet long dock extensions that enable you to get to your boat when your dock doesn’t reach out far enough.
The most prevalent use of Boarding Platforms are when a boat lift is installed at the end of an existing dock or finger pier. When the boat is raised it’s usually in such a position that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to reach from the existing dock.

A Folding Boarding Platform can be bolted right to the lift pilings and becomes a boat lift accessory, just like a catwalk or transom step. When the Boarding Platform is folded down it acts just like a dock extension reaching the loading area of the boat. When the operator is finished for the day they simply raise the platform and secure it in the up right position.

  • Folding Boarding Platforms are constructed out of marine grade 6061 T-6 aluminum and synthetic Thru-Flow decking panels

  • They are light weight and can be raised and lowered by hand. Hand winch or electric motor options are available.

  • The platforms attach to the boatlift pilings, not to the dock. They can be removed in minutes simply by detaching the hinge pins.

  • While in the down position, they allow easy access to the boat. Putting you closer than the fixed dock.

  • In the up position, they are neatly secured and restrict unwelcome access. Platforms are manufactured and designed to meet code and weight requirements.

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